Vintage Apron Patterns

Vintage apron pattern

There’s a romantic nostalgia in old things. Every time I see pictures from the past I want to go there and see how things were back then. That’s not possible until someone invents a time machine. Meanwhile I can dream about it and play dress up.

Vintage apron pattern

Inspired by 1940’s apron designs, I made my own vintage apron patterns. It turned out really cute, and it’s perfect for looking flirty while you bake a cake! You could also use it while you’re cleaning and dusting.

The one I made is for my 8 year old niece. If you want to make one for yourself, follow the same instructions but cut the pieces a bit bigger.


  • Main fabric (make sure it looks vintage!)
  • Contrast fabric
  • Little girl who likes to cook

Finished Size

  • 15″ x 16″ (without the sash)


Note: These measurements are for a little girl. If you want to make one for yourself, follow the same instructions but cut the pieces a bit bigger.

Your vintage apron patterns will be all rectangles. Cut one of each with the following measurements:

  • Skirt: 26″ x 11″ from main fabric
  • Pocket: 12″ x 4 1/2″ from main fabric
  • Pocket edge: 12″ x 2 1/2″ from contrast fabric
  • Waist: 17″ x 7″ from contrast fabric
  • Bottom edge: 26″ x 5″ from contrast fabric
  • Sash: 32″ x 6″ from contrast fabric (cut 2 of these)
  1. Make two sashes. Fold your sash pieces lengthwise in half with the right side of fabric inside.
  2. Cut one of the short edges in a diagonal line.
  3. Sew this edge and the open long edge closed.
  4. Clip the corners and turn inside out. Press.

Make the pocket

  1. Match the pocket edge piece to one of your pocket’s long sides.Their right sides should be facing each other. Sew them together.
    Vintage apron pattern
  2. Press the seam open.
  3. Fold in half so that the short edges match. Sew along the three raw edges, but leave an opening in the bottom for turning.
    Vintage apron pattern
  4. Clip the corners. Turn inside out and press flat.


    1. Sew the bottom edge piece to one of your main fabric’s long sides. Use a french seam to encase the raw edge.
      Vintage apron pattern
    2. Press the seam towards the bottom.
    3. Make a small hem on the two short edges and the bottom edge of your apron.
      Vintage apron pattern
    4. Sew the pocket in place
      Vintage apron pattern
    5. Gather the top edge so that it measures the same as the waist piece.
    6. Press the waist piece’s long edges 3/8″ towards the wrong side of fabric.
    7. Fold in half with the wrong side of fabric inside and press again.
      Vintage apron pattern
    8. Pin the apron’s gathered edge to the waist piece. Make sure their right sides are facing each other.
      Vintage apron pattern

      The waist should be 3/8″ longer than the apron on both sides.

      Vintage apron pattern
    9. Sew them together with a 3/8″ seam allowance.
    10. Fold the waist piece over the stitch you just made so that you’re seeing its right side. Hand baste a sash to each of its edges.
      Vintage apron pattern
    11. Fold the waist over the sashes. The waist’s right side is now inside and the sashes are sandwiched in it.
      Vintage apron pattern
    12. Pin to hold in place, and sew with your machine.
      Vintage apron pattern
    13. Clip the corners and turn the waist inside out.
      Vintage apron pattern
    14. On the wrong side of your apron, you´ll see that the waist covers the raw edge. Pin so that it’s straight and sew with your machine.
      Vintage apron pattern

Now you’re ready to bake some cookies!

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