Sewing Patterns For Dogs easy ideas and tutorials

I’ve been into making my own dog stuff for a while. Dog accessories can get to be very expensive.

When you know how to sew, you can make most things for a fraction of the cost, and 10 times prettier. Here are some sewing patterns for dogs to get you started and give you some ideas.

I make most of my stuff from leftover scraps, this way I don’t spend money on fabric. You can also use old blankets and sheets, worn out jeans and any other piece of fabric you find.

It’s really fun to turn those useless things into new dog outfits!
Ask your doggie if he’d like some clothes or a new dog bed. I bet he’ll bark out a sure “YES!”

Here are my favorite DIY sewing patterns for dogs.

Dog toys and accessories

Make a Dog Collar and Leash
Sew a matching collar, leash and bag dispenser set to walk your dog in style. You’ll look gorgeous every time you take him out for a stroll.

Making dog collars
Making dog collars is easy and fun. Read how one of my readers adapted my popular collar and leash patterns to make a gift for her cousin.

Make a Dog Collar
An adjustable dog collar is an easy project to start. You can mix and match fabrics to suit your style and his personality. Any dog can have a collar, but they won’t have one as nice as yours.

How to make dog toys from scraps
Dogs love to pull on things, especially if they’re soft and chewy. Learn how to make your own pull toy using fabric scraps. This is a great project to recycle.

Dog toy patterns
Dog toy patterns to make a water bottle cruncher. This is an animal shaped cover for a small water bottle. When the bottle is destroyed, you take it out and put a new one in. There’s something about that crunching noise that dogs love!

Turn your rags into clothes

Do you have a huge rag sack and don’t know what to do with it? Get your creativity flowing and turn those fabric bits into personalized dog sweaters.

Make a basic sweater pattern and use it to make different outfits. All you need is to add ribbons or vary the length.

Custom dog clothes are the best way to pamper your little friend. You’ll learn how to work with patterns and he’ll get a wardrobe full of doggie jackets.

Choose stretchy fabrics and knits so he can move around. Pay attention to the colors, make them match his fur.

How to measure a dog
Learn how to measure a dog so you can make him custom clothes. Getting your measurements right will ensure that your sewing patterns for dogs fit perfectly.

Dog dress pattern
Make an easy dog dress using only rectangles. This is a good project to start with, and it’s really cute.

How to Make a Dog Coat Pattern
An easy way to make a dog coat. These sewing patterns for dogs are great if your pet doesn’t like to wear clothes. It looks very pretty and it’s really comfortable. It’ll keep your dog warm during the cold winter days.

Dog clothing patterns tutorial
Learn to draft basic clothing pattern. You can make a basic sweater with it, then you can modify it for sewing all kinds of things.

Free Dog Clothes Patterns
To make this sweatshirt you’ll need a basic set of sewing patterns for dogs. Then you just add sleeves and a hoodie that’ll give your pup extra warmth.

Fleece dog sweater pattern
This is a simple sweater you can make with the basic pattern. Recycle a t-shirt’s ribbing for the details around the neck and legs.

Sew a dog bed

Every pooch needs a comfortable dog bed, but they can be very expensive. Try sewing one yourself. They involve only basic sewing skills and are an easy way to save some cash.

Make him a large dog bed so he can comfortably lie down to rest, it will keep him cozy and warm during the night.

Dog Bed Sewing Patterns
Every dog needs a special place to rest and call his own. Here’s a soft, comfortable and easy to make bed that you and your dog will love!

Check out the fun ideas others made using this pattern. From a soft pink cotton one to an all-black version. Here’s a very big one for large dogs.

Cute Pillow Dog Bed Patterns
Add a couple of details to turn an old boring pillow into a really cute dog bed. It’s easy to make, but it looks so much better. It has two bows in the middle that will add an extra special touch.

Round Pillow Dog Bed Patterns
This bed is like a regular round pillow but with a button in the middle. It’s soft, it’s round and easy to make! What better way to treat your dog. See the dog bed pattern.
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