Purse Patterns for Every Occasion

Complete your outfit with stylish yet simple to sew purse patterns. They’re the perfect compliment for any occasion. Wether you’re going to the grocery store, a dinner date or a trip to the beach, you’ll find the perfect match. See what you’re missing and get your sewing tools ready! Check out my purse making tutorials too. They’ll show you tricks for making pretty and functional purses.

Clutch Purse Patterns

 Purse Patterns Here’s a purse tutorial for an easy handbag. It’s a fast, no fuss bag that you’ll love to make! You can use it as a clutch, make up pouch or gift bag.
This purse was inspired by those Japanese tutorials where you make something out of a single piece of fabric. It’s very easy to sew and can be used for many things!
 Purse Patterns Use leftover fabric from a party dress, to sew one of these luxurious little pouches. They make the perfect complement for a girl’s night out. You can play with different fabrics to get different styles.
 Easy Purse Patterns The Tuxedo Bow Clutch is a simple, elegant purse you can make in a snap. In the process, you’ll learn insider bag making tricks and new sewing techniques. This bag is so easy that you’ll want to make one for every pair of shoes your have! Get inspired with these ideas by Kristin, Nan and Sequoia.

 Tote Bags

 reversible sling bag  It’s so easy to sew, you don’t have an excuse for not making it. Learn to make a reversible sling bag. This bag can be used in different ways. Short, when you want to look formal or long, when you need to be practical.
 hobo purse It’s always good to have a big bag around the house, you never know when it could come in handy. There are some times, that no matter how much you try, you can’t decide what NOT to take. This purse is perfect for those situations.
 tote bag Pretty and practical tote bag tutorial. It has two large pockets and long handles. The top can be folded when you have few things to carry. Unfold it when you need more space.
 hobo purse If you want to look chic, but with an ethnic air, a hobo purse is what you need.Its size lets you carry everything you need. Its shape makes it great for walking long distances and the back zippered pocket will keep your important stuff safe.
everyday-tote-bag-patterns  Don’t let its simplicity fool you. There’s nothing more useful than a tote. From library books to groceries, this is the best option to carry absolutely everything!Spice it up with girly pleats and a couple of buttons to make you look adorable.This tote bag pattern comes in a big carry-all version and a mini hand held tote you can take anywhere.


 side tie bag If you need a new handbag for your collection, try making this one. It’ll help you learn the basics of purse making. It’s cute, easy to make and functional, what else could you ask for?
 hobo purse pattern Find two matching fabrics and a zipper, my hobo purse pattern is waiting for you! It makes a great everyday bag because of its relaxed laid back style.
 70's handbag Ever wondered how to make a handbag? This is a good project to get you started. With it, you’ll learn how to make pockets and how to line your purses. It’s simple enough for beginners but fun enough for experienced sewists.
 simple handbag This is a simple bag that will fit everything you need! Bias covered edges and contrasting lid make it fun and interesting. While making it you’ll learn basic bag making tricks. Its size makes it perfect for carrying your stuff everywhere you go. The tutorial includes printable purse patterns.
 Purse Patterns This is an easy yoga mat bag pattern. It has an inner pocket with a zipper for your money and keys. Learn how to make it with my step by step tutorial.
handbag-pattern This bag is fast to make, but so cute and functional! The pattern can be easily adapted to make larger sized bags.

Pouches and small purse patterns

 Purse Patterns Here’s an easy pouch that you can take everywhere you go. Use it for you cell phone, camera, spare change and keys.
 Purse Patterns Learn to make a coin purse pattern. If you want to make something fast and useful, this is the perfect project for you.
 Purse Patterns Every woman needs a makeup purse for her beauty supplies. Learn to make this pouch that will be perfect for carrying your essentials.It’s the perfect size to fit in a larger handbag. You can also use it for crafting, traveling or your favorite sewing tools. Here are some great ideas to inspire you!
 Purse Patterns Here’s a twist to the classic drawstring bag. It only takes about 20 minutes to make, looks really nice and it’s very useful. It can be used for everything! Get the tutorial here.
 Purse Patterns Sew a set of pouches to store your favorite things. They’ll help you organize everything from a large bag to messy drawers. You can use them for crafting, makeup, sewing supplies or anything you want!

14 tips to sew great looking bagsTutorials

 Purse Patterns

14 tips to sew great looking bags

Make your own purse, and be proud to show it off! Here’s a list of 14 things that will help you sew great looking bags. I bet you’ll learn a couple of new things.

Purse Patterns

Bag Handles Tutorial

Every functional purse needs a handle. Making them is really easy, but there are some little details that will make them look great. Here are the 8 steps that will show you how to make a bag handle.

 Purse Patterns

Sewing a Zippered Pocket

Don’t let your things fall out! A zippered pocket is the best way to keep them safe. Learn how to make one and achieve a clean finish on the outside and the inside. Here’s the picture tutorial that wil show you how to make your own handbags with zippered pockets.

 Purse Patterns

Make an Inner Pocket

If you like to carry everything in your bag, inner pockets are a must to keep things organized. Make an easy, no-fuss pocket that will help you get order in your bags. This tutorial will help you adapt your purse patterns and make them more functional. Learn how to make purses with inner pockets.

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