Making Dog Collars You Can be Proud of!

Making dog collars

A few months ago, Robyn was the lucky winner of my dog collar and leash patterns. She sent me some pictures of her finished set, and I was delighted to see them!

Her fabric combination and choice of color are soooo stylish. The red and white make her cousin’s dog look gorgeous. Don’t you just love her?

Making dog collars

Here’s what she said about my pattern:

Hi Ilse!

I was the lucky winner of your Dog Walking Set Pattern, and it turned out fantastic!

I found the instructions for the pouch confusing, but thankfully, your pictures were great and led me through it.

My local sewing notion nook was out of stock on some of the hardware so I improvised. They didn’t have a black retainer slider so I made one out of matching fabric on the collar, they also didn’t have a key ring (and I wasn’t about to give one up from my keys!), so I used a D-Ring and sewed it right into the handle and it looks super sleek.

I actually don’t have a pet of my own (my three kids are enough, thanks!), but I have loads of friends whose pets are their kids. I gifted this set to my cousin and his partner for their English Bulldog, Thatcher. They gushed and gushed about how awesome it was, how well it fit him and the durability of a fabric leash and collar. I love sewing things for other people so this pattern is an absolutely perfect gift that I will make time and time again.


Get your patterns and start making dog collars you can be proud of!

Making dog collars

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