How to Make Your Own Dog Bed

Make your own dog bed

When you make your own dog bed you get to customize the size, the color and the fabric. You can choose to match the furniture… or your dog like Michelle did!

She was a tester for my dog bed sewing pattern and she used it to make a very very big bed for her pets. I only provide patterns for making small and medium, but the instructions can be customized to sew any size of bed. She was very kind and sent me pictures of the whole process, so you can see how to actually do it. Here’s her explanation.

“I used your pattern to make this big bed for my dogs. I made my version bigger than yours (105cm diameter). We have a Great Dane puppy so needed some space.

Here’s how to trace any size of circle:

  1. Cut a square fabric big enough to fit the size circle you need.
    Make your own dog bed
  2. Fold in quarters.
  3. Tie a marking pencil to the end of the correct length of string/ribbon and hold the other end on the folded corner of your fabric.
  4. Simply draw and the ribbon will ‘pull’ your pencil in an arc to create a circle.
    Make your own dog bed

I then used the pattern’s measurement to mark 18 cm from the outer edge for the inner circle measurement. I then folded the fabric to find the center so I could fit the bigger zip.

It’s a very cute pattern and nice and easy to make. My dog lay on the fabric as I was cutting – he must have approved the pattern choice!

The picture shows 2 of the dogs on the finished bed – they loved it so much I had barely finished tying the bow and they were on it already!”

Michelle Nichol

Make your own dog bed

Her dogs are adorable! If your dog is in need of a new bed, you better make him one before he takes over yours. You can get the pattern here.

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