Sew a Ladder Stitch in 7 Easy Steps

How do you close the hole after you turn something inside out?

You use a ladder stitch, sometimes called blind or hidden stitch. It gets it’s name from the shape the stitches form when you’re sewing.

It becomes invisible after sewn, making it perfect for closing the hole in a sash, a pillow, a plush toy or a bag. It also works great for closing linings.

Use it to give your sewing projects a clean and professional finish.

Here’s how to do it

How to sew a Ladder Stitch

    1. Turn the piece inside out and iron the hole’s seams towards the inside. This will make the sewing easier. If the piece needs stuffing, iron before putting the plush in.
How to sew a Ladder Stitch


    1. Hold the seams together with a pin. (I won’t use one so you can clearly see what I’m doing)
    2. Double thread a needle by folding the thread in half and putting the loop in the needle’s eye. Pull the thread so that the side with the loop is larger than the other one.
How to sew a Ladder Stitch


    1. Slip the needle into one of the seams where the hole starts. Stop before the loop goes all the way through. Put the needle through the loop and pull it tight. (Use a thread the same color as your fabric, I wanted my stitches to stand out for the tutorial)
How to sew a Ladder Stitch


    1. Put the needle into the opposite seam directly across from where it came out. Sew about 1/4″ and pull the thread through.
How to sew a Ladder Stitch


    1. Repeat step 5, sewing about 1/4″ on the opposite side.
How to sew a Ladder Stitch


    1. Continue doing this until you reach the end of the hole. (Do you see how a ladder is forming? That’s where ladder stitch comes form). When you tighten the threads, the hole will close and you won’t be able to see them anymore.
How to sew a Ladder Stitch


    1. When you’re done, make a knot with your thread. Secure it by sewing several tiny stitches. Put the needle in through the seam to hide it and bring it out in the middle of the piece. All you have to do now is cut.
How to sew a Ladder Stitch

The hole is gone!

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