How to Make Purses With Inner Pockets

How to make purses that are pretty and functional? There are many ways, but inner pockets are a must for all. Here’s the tutorial for an easy, no-fuss inner pocket.

Last night I was cleaning out my purse. I found tissues, scissors, candies, pens, post its, hair thingys, bubble gum, stain remover, makeup, etc, etc, etc.

I needed a way to organize all that stuff!

But my purse was just one big bag. There was no way to do it. I decided to make a new purse with many inner pockets to fit all my things.

It’s very easy to make this kind of pocket, and it makes your purses so functional! You can add them to any purse pattern you have.

How to Make Purse Pockets

  1. Decide your pocket size
  2. Cut a fabric rectangle. Make it twice the desired width and your desired height. Don’t forget to add seam allowances.
    How to Sew Purse Pockets
  3. Fold the rectangle in half, with the wrong side of fabric outside.
  4. Sew the three open edges, but leave an opening in the middle of a side.
    How to Sew Purse Pockets
  5. Clip the corners to reduce bulk. Make sure you don’t accidentally clip any stitches.
    How to Sew Purse Pockets
  6. Turn inside out and press flat. Iron the hole’s edges towards the inside.
  7. Interface the part of the lining where the pocket will go.
  8. Pin your pocket to the lining, making sure that the opening is left towards the bottom.
  9. Sew the side and bottom edges. You can also sew a couple of vertical lines to divide your pocket.
    How to Sew Purse Pockets

You’re done! If you want to learn more, I suggest you try Design Your Own Handbag. It’s an online class where you’ll learn professional tips every step of the way, from planning your bag’s unique shape and fabrics to adding finishing snaps and straps. You start with a basic handbag shape that can be adapted into an endless variety of styles, including a tote bag, slouchy hobo bag, and curved top bag. Then you’ll pick up more advanced skills such as constructing zipper pockets, creating pleats, and attaching hardware. You get to choose your own process and create a chic, custom bag!

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