How to Make Dog Toys From Fabric Scraps

How to Make Dog Toys


How to make dog toys from scraps! If my dog doesn’t have a toy, she helps herself to my shoes, my bags or whatever she finds. That’s why every week I need to get her a new one. Every time I give her one, she breaks it in a couple of days and I have to buy another one.

Not wanting to spend another $10 dollars, I decided to make my own dog toy using my scrap sack. It’s amazing what a few scraps can do with a little creativity.

This toy only took about 15 minutes to make, and my dog is delighted. She wanted to pull it away from me when I was stuffing it and she wouldn’t even let me take the pictures. It has become her favorite.
I guess the knots and the sturdy filling make it really appealing! My dog spends hours chewing on them.

When this one is done with, I can just find more scraps and sew a new one. I chose resistant fabrics so it lasts a while. They’re easy to make, but I don’t want to be making one every 2 or three days. This one should last her at least a week.


  • Scraps
  • Dog in need of a new toy

How to make your dog toy

  1. Cut rectangles of fabric. They should all have the same width but they can have different lengths.
  2. Sew them together to form a large strip.
    How to Make Dog Toys
  3. Make a small hem on the two short edges.
    How to Make Dog Toys
  4. Fold the strip lengthwise in half so that the right side of fabric is inside.
  5. Sew the open long edge and turn inside out.
    How to Make Dog Toys
  6. Make a knot on one end.
    How to Make Dog Toys
  7. Fill up with scraps, make it nice and tight!
  8. Twist the fabric, and make a second knot, put more scraps in.
    How to Make Dog Toys
  9. Continue until the tube is done. Ta da!
    How to Make Dog Toys

Call your dog and have fun.

How to Make Dog Toys

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