How to Make an Apron with a Contrasting Edge

How to make an apron
Learning how to make an apron is a very good way to start sewing. Here’s a tutorial for a full apron with a contrasting edge. This is a good project to practice making a sash and applying bias binding. It’s also very useful in the kitchen, or for doing the chores.

Because this design is so simple, it’ll work great for a man, a woman or a kid. All you have to do is change the fabrics.

I used this same pattern for making my dad and my brother a denim apron. They like to cook, and on weekends they make gourmet meals for my mom and I. I thought it would be a nice way to show them how much we appreciate their yummy food! They really liked it.

Little kids can also use them to help out their mom in the kitchen or to protect their clothes for crafts time.

You will need two different fabrics and matching bias binding.

How to make it:

    1. Cut a rectangle 18″ wide and 25″ long.
    2. Fold it lengthwise in half and cut off a piece of your rectangle. Round the bottom corners.apron cutting measurements
    3. Unfold and sew bias binding to the top edge of the apron.
      How to make an apronThen sew it all around the edge. Start at the bottom edge, when you reach the top leave a piece of bias to go around the neck and continue on the other side.
      How to make an apron
    4. Make a sash 58″ long and 4″ wide
    5. Sew it to your apron around the waist area.
      How to make an apron

You’re done! Now go cook something yummy.

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