Drawstring Bag Pattern

Here’s a twist to the classic drawstring sack. Just because things are simple, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. This is the perfect example of that. It only takes about 20 minutes to make, looks really nice and it’s very useful.

I just moved to a new house and have a lot less closet space than before. I needed an easy and cheap method to organize.

I made a bunch of these little pouches and hung them in different places. I have one for toiletries, one for underwear, one for socks and one for dirty clothes. They look so beautiful! (if you need more organizing ideas, try my Store It All Pouch Set)

I’m planning to make even more for the stuff I haven’t unpacked. My friend’s birthday is coming so I will also give her one full of cookies and sweets. There are so many things you can do with drawstring bags… anyway, here’s the tutorial.


  • Cord for the strap
  • Exterior and lining fabrics
  • Matching ribbon

How to make it

  1. Cut two exterior and two lining rectangles. I made mine 14″ x 14″. If you want to make your bag more resistant you can add a layer of interfacing.
  2. Now you need to figure out where to place the handle. Measure how wide you want the folded edge to be. Add the seam allowance to this measurement. My folded edge will be 3″ and my allowance is 1/2″. I will place the handle 3 ½” below the top edge. Once you’ve figured it out, pin the cord to an exterior’s right side.
  3. Sew your exteriors along the sides and bottom, right sides together. The handle should be sandwiched in between. Do the same with the linings but leave a hole at the bottom for turning.
  4. Clip corners in diagonal.
  5. Pull the corners out to make the side and bottom seams match. The tip will form a triangle. Measure 2″ and sew in a straight line.
    Drawstring bag pattern
  6. Turn the exterior inside out. DON’T turn the lining.
  7. Insert the exterior in the lining and match the side seams.
    Drawstring bag pattern
  8. Sew their top edges together, making sure you don’t grab the handle when you do this.
  9. Turn inside out.
  10. Press the top edge and topstitch.
    Drawstring bag pattern
  11. Make two buttonholes above the folding line (there isn’t actually a line, but you can just measure!).
    Drawstring bag pattern
  12. Fold the top edge towards the outside along your imaginary line.
  13. Sew around the bag, encasing the buttonholes.
    Drawstring bag pattern
  14. Insert the ribbon and gather. Tie a pretty bow and you’re done! Now you can try my Store It All Pouches for more organizing ideas.
    Drawstring bag patterndrawstring bag pattern

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