Dog Toy Patterns

How to Make a Water Bottle Cruncher

Dog toy patterns for a water bottle cruncher. My dog loves to play with plastic bottles, but I’m afraid they might cut her gums. She could also swallow the plastic and that would not be fun =S.

I saw these water bottle cruncher thingies at the pet store. They’re an animal shaped cover for a small water bottle. When the bottle is destroyed, you take it out and put a new one in.

It makes that crackling noise dogs are crazy about, and protects her mouth from being hurt. I decided to copy the idea and make my own. Mine isn’t as sophisticated as the ones in the store, but it does the trick.

Plus, the little guys arms and head (it was supposed to be a stickman but it turned out more like a lizard, use your imagination, you could have a lot of fun with this) add an extra chewy surface that my dog loves to pull.


  • Fabric scraps
  • Empty water bottle
  • Small amount of elastic
  • A bored dog

How to Make It

  1. Cut your dog toy patterns. You will need:
    • 4 narrow fabric rectangles to make the legs and arms of your cruncher
    • 2 circles to make the head
    • 2 rectangles to cover the bottle. Measure the bottle’s circumference. Divide it by 2 and add 1″. This will be your width. Measure the bottle’s height and add 4″ to get your height.
  2. Match your 2 circles with their right sides facing each other. Sew them together but leave a hole for turning.
  3. Fold the leg and arm rectangles in half and sew the open long sides.
    Dog toy patterns
  4. Clip the circle’s seam allowance all the way around. Clip the arm’s and leg’s corners.
  5. Turn inside out and stuff with scraps.
  6. Pin your legs, arms and head to one of the main rectangles. They go on the right side. You can make their edges stick out a little bit so that the machine grabs them when you sew.
    Dog toy patterns
  7. Place the other rectangle on top. Its right side should be facing the other rectangle’s right side and the arms, legs and head should be sandwiched in between.
  8. Sew their top and side edges together. Leave the bottom open.
  9. Clip the corners and turn inside out.
  10. Hem the bottom edge. Fold it towards the wrong side of fabric
    Dog toy patterns

    Fold again and sew. Leave a small hole to insert the elastic.

    Dog toy patterns
  11. Put the elastic through with the help of a safety pin.
    Dog toy patterns
  12. Knot the elastic and close the hole.
  13. Insert the bottle.
    Dog toy patterns
    Call your dog and have fun!

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