Fleece Dog Sweater Pattern Tutorial

Make this fleece dog sweater pattern for your dog. It’s a great little project that will keep your pet warm on winter and make it look pretty. It takes about one hour to make and your doggie will love it.

Fleece Dog Sweater Pattern Tutorial
Fleece Dog Sweater


  • Dog clothing patterns (we will cut it. Make a copy of your original one so you don’t have to keep drawing new patterns if you want to make more dog clothes)
  • Fleece in 2 of your favorite colors (you could make this out of an old sweater too)

How to Sew It

1. Mark 2 inches on the curvy side of the dog clothing pattern and cut it off

2. Mark 1/2 inch around the leg hole and cut it off.

3. Measure the curvy side, the leg holes and the neck curve

These measurements are for a medium sized dog. If you have a small or large dog, adjust accordingly.

Fleece Dog Sweater Pattern Tutorial

4. From the edge fabric cut: two leg strips, one curvy area strip and one neck strip.

These strips will be like elastic that give a better fit. Before cutting, stretch the fabric one way and then the other. Be sure that the strips stretch lengthwise.

If you are using an old sweater, instead of cutting the fabric strips, use the stretchy part of the sleeves and the neck area.

The dog’s sweater neck width will be half of this rectangle’s height. Adjust to your dog’s size.

Fleece Dog Sweater Pattern Tutorial

6. Fold each strip in half, making it’s the small sides meet. The right side of fabric should be inside. Sew to make a ring.

7. Fold each strip to you get something like this. Now the right side of fabric is outside.

8. Cut a body piece using the dog sweater pattern and close it along the chest area.

9. This is a bit tricky. Pin each ring piece where it belongs. Make sure you pin all the way around. This will make sewing them easier.

  • The rings are slightly smaller than their corresponding areas, that’s ok because we want them to work like elastic.
  • When you pin them, stretch the rings a little bit so that they fit the body piece. When you let go of them, the body piece should have little waves.
  • When you sew, make sure you stretch the fabric a little bit.

Fleece Dog Sweater Pattern Tutorial
You’re done! You just made a really cute fleece dog sweater.

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