Coin Purse Pattern – With Only 9 Steps

Coin purse pattern

There are some days when you want to sew something fast and useful. This is the perfect project for them.

The other day I was at the store and I got a loooot of change. As the clerk gave me tons of tiny little coins, I realized how much I needed something to put them in. My change always ends up in the bottom of my purse and it’s never there when I need it.

That’s why I needed a coin purse…

So I got home and pulled out some scraps. I wanted to make something very fast and easy to sew. But… I didn’t want to settle for the regular square pouch. I’m always looking for ways to make simple things look beautiful. Today’s attempt resulted in a super cute and practical coin purse pattern. No zippers, no buttons, just fun and easy!

Here’s how I made it. Try my Store It All Pouches when you’re done with this one.


  • Pretty fabric scraps
  • Plate or other round thing (for your coin purse pattern)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Piece of velcro
  • Lots of coins without a home!

How to make the coin purse

    1. Use something round to trace your coin purse pattern. I used a plate with a 5 1/2″ diameter but you can use something larger. I don’t recommend anything smaller because your purse would turn out to be very small and hard to sew. Trace and cut 4 circles. 2 from exterior and 2 from lining.
    2. Sew one exterior and one lining, right sides together, along the edge. Leave a hole for turning.
    3. Make small snips all the way around. Turn inside out and press. Set aside for now.
      Coin purse pattern
    4. Now we’ll work with the other lining. Draw a straight line across your circle to divide it in two. Make sure that one of the parts is smaller. Cut along the line. We’ll be working with the larger piece, so you can throw the small one away. Repeat with your exterior.
      Coin purse pattern
    5. Sew your two pieces along the edge, right sides together. Remember to leave a hole for turning. If you want your coin purse to have a handle, you can sandwich a piece of ribbon between them. Clip the corners in diagonal. Make small snips around the curves. Turn inside out and press.
      Coin purse pattern
    6. Now you have a full circle and a fragment of a circle. Place the fragment on top of the full circle, linings together. Sew a piece of Velcro on the full circle’s flap.
      Coin purse pattern
    7. Fold the flap and make a mark where your second piece of Velcro will go. Sew it in place.
      Coin purse pattern
    8. Topstitch the straight edge.
      Coin purse pattern
    9. Match your two pieces, linings together, and sew them along the edge.
      Coin purse pattern
    10. That’s it! You’re done. Try my Store It All Pouches to make a complete set of cute bags.
Coin purse pattern

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